Phlegethon (2018)

Short film. Coming-of-age.  IMBD.
Armed with her book “The ABC of Seduction”, a bored and romantic teenage girl disrupts her lazy summer by befriending a mysterious new boy who moves next door - leading to romance and potential damnation.

Roosa Vuokkola - Gabriel Haratani - Sanna Riihinen

Writer & Director : Silva Kuusniemi
Director of Photography : Teppo Salonen
Production Managers: Nenna Giss
Assistant Director: Silke Riihinen
Editor : Silva Kuusniemi
Producers : Silke Riihinen, Silva Kuusniemi

THAW Maine Elements of Film
Best Fiction Short Redline International Film Festival ✨️
Kinomorphia Film Festival
Best Student Director Anaheim International Film Festival
Threadbare Mitten Film Festival
The Lift-Off Sessions
Short to the Point International Film Festival
Feel the Reel International Film Festival
Best Short Drama Static Online Film Festivalm