Dead Fish (2020)

Short film. Folk horror.
A surreal social drama that spirals into fable-like nightmare. 

A group of childhood friends vacationing at a cottage have their relations strained by a social faux pas: Elias, who used to date Roosa, is now dating Mariaana. As the heartbroken Roosa and protective Ida attempt to restrain their barely contained hurt and disapproval, Mariaana remains stubbornly unapologetic; Elias oblivious. In the course of their time at the cottage Elias goes missing, Mariaana begins to exhibit odd behavior, dreams and reality blur, and Ida and Roosa stumble into a beautiful nightmare.

Scary, odd and occasionally erotic, Dead Fish is a story about a group of friends coming to terms with new internal dynamics; and about unrestrained female desire clashing against social expectations.

Reetta Koskinen - Selina Ukkonen - Maissi Uusitalo - Pietu Wikström

Writer & Director : Silva Kuusniemi
Director of Photography : Teppo Salonen
Assistant Director: Silke Riihinen
Editor : Toni Tikkanen
Producers : Silke Riihinen, Silva Kuusniemi